Samsung Crams 512GB in Stamp-Size SSD

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Samsung starts mass production of a NVMe PCIe SSD in a single ball grid (SBG) form factor-- the PM971-NVMe, fiting up to 512GB of storage in a chip the size of a postage stamp.

Samsung ssdFor those wanting specifics, the chip crams all related components (namely x16 V-NAND flash chips, controller and 4Gb LPDDR4 RAM) in a package measuring 20 x 16x 1.5mm and weighing just 1g. However, while being small, the chip promises performance matching larger equivalents, with read speeds reaching 1.5GBps, write speeds of 800MBps and random read and write IOPS clocking at 109K and 150K respectively.

“Samsung’s new BGA NVMe SSD triples the performance of a typical SATA SSD, in the smallest form factor available, with storage capacity reaching up to 512GB,” the company says. “The introduction of this small-scale SSD will help global PC companies to make timely launches of slimmer, more stylish computing devices, while offering consumers a more satisfactory computing environment.”

The chip is available now in 512, 256 and 128GB capacities. Samsung does not say what interface it uses, but being so small it should be easily mounted in standard M.2 cards for direct integration with tablet and laptop motherboards.

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