LG Expands IoT Ecosystem at IFA 2016

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LG presents more smart home devices at IFA 2016-- including a fridge equipped with a massive 29-inch touchscreen, the Amazon Alexa-capable SmartThinQ hub and a variety of IoT accessories.

LG Smart HomeThe result of the Open Partnership, Open Platform and Open Connectivity strategy, the SmartThinQ hub features the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, if in initially limited form. Pressing a button on the hub allows one to add something to their schedule, play music or check the weather, with no actual control of ThinQ appliance as yet.

Such limited integration is weird, since as the name suggests the SmartThinQ hub acts as a controller for ThinQ appliances. LG presented a number of new ThinQ accessories IFA, including a Lightbulb, Plug and Motion Sensor.

LG Display fridgeHowever the highlight of the LG presence at the show was the Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator-- a fridge featuring a 29-inch touchscreen. The display powered by an Intel Compute Stick and acts as a Windows 10 tablet complete with the built-in Bluetooth speaker, the Cortana voice assistant and a variety of apps providing recipes, music, videos and even online shopping.

Knocking a couple of times on the display turns it semi-transparent, allowing one to check the contents of the fridge without actually opening it.

Another LG fridge seen at IFA is the Signature-- an intelligent appliance the company says can pick up usage patterns to automatically adjust according to user habits. It uses humidity and temperature sensors to detect when warm or hot food is placed inside and adjust the fan accordingly for faster cooling, while a built-in super-wide-lens 2MP camera allows the remote checking of fridge contents via smartphone.

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