Tim Cook: "Stay Tuned" for Mac Refresh

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The latest Apple event focused solely on the iPhone and Watch, leading to worries the company forgot about the Mac. However Tim Cook says this is not the case, in an email telling a MacRumors reader to "stay tuned" for future updates.

Macbook refresh"I love the Mac and we are very committed to it," the email to an anonymous MacRumours reader states. Of course, one can't fully confirm the authenticity of the email, but the headers suggest it originates from Apple corporate servers. As for the author, while Apple execs sometimes answer correspondence personally, it might also have come from the company's executive relations or PR teams.

In any case, Apple traditionally holds a separate Mac-focused event after holding iPhone ceremonies-- last year had it reveal the 4K 21.5-inch iMac on 13 October, little more than a month after the 9 September event. As such, one can safely expect the company to do something similar, particularly since the Mac lineup is in need of an update.

Rumours suggest the company will release a new MacBook Pro featuring USB-C ports and an OLED-based touchbar on top of a flatter keyboard, as well as possible Kaby Lake processors. New iMac models equipped with AMD graphics chips are also a possibility, not to mention a refreshed MacBook Air lineup.

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