GoPro Puts Hopes on Foldable Karma Drone

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Action camera maker GoPro announces its long awaited entry in the drone market-- the Karma, a quadcopter with a foldable design for easy storage and transport via included backpack.

GoPro KarmaThe Karma features no camera, since it instead has a removable 3-axis stabilising gimbal for the attachment of a number of GoPro cameras. The gimbal is positioned in the front, a design decision GoPro says eliminates the appearance of rotors from shots where the drone is flying at top speed.

Control promises to be easy through a gamepad-style clamshell controller complete with touchscreen, 2 joysticks and a single button for takeoff, landing and returning home. It also offers 4 preprogrammed shots, dubbed dronie, cable cam, reveal and orbit, while a "passenger app" allows another person to check a live video feed and control camera position through smartphone.

Gopro hero5As well as the drone, GoPro announces a refresh of its action camera bread and butter-- the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session. Both are compatible with the Karma, have a waterproof design (thus not requiring additional casing for aquatic shots) and voice recognition controls for the taking of photos or videos.

The Hero5 is the fully-fledged action camera option. It carries a 2-inch touchscreen, GPS, 1-button control, stereo audio recording and a 12MP image sensor, and can shoot 4K video at 30fps. Meanwhile the Hero5 Session is a smaller, cube-shaped camera with a 10MP sensor.

Also revealed by the company is a cloud-based subscription service allowing users to automatically upload videos and photos to the cloud while the cameras are recharging. The service is not free, but customers get a first month free when buying a Hero5 camera.

All the above mentioned GoPro products hit the market from October 2016.

Go GoPro Unveils Hero5 and Karma