Navdy Ships Heads Up Display

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Navdy ships its Heads Up Display (HUD)-- a 3rd party means of adding smartphone-powered smarts to automobile dashboards through the clever projection.

Navdy HUDThe result of a 2014 Kickstarter campaign, the Navdy unit is a portable device users stick to their dash. It pairs with smartphones and a companion app and projects full-colour vehicle gauges, turn-by-turn navigation, music control, messages and call notifications on a see-through shield attached on the windscreen, just over the hood of the car.

The device carries an own GPS readio to boost the accuracy of navigation, together with an accelerometer. Connection to the car comes through OBDII port, making it compatible with most vehicles released after 1996 (but not with any electric vehicles, alas). Users can configure the Navdy to either read out text aloud, display text or do both, and alerts can be simply dismissed through either hand gesture or a scroll wheel hardware accessory attached to the steering wheel.

Other features voice controls via Google Assistant or Siri integration, allowing one to dismiss alerts with a hand swipe and ask the app the app for directions or simply play music via Spotify, as well as alerts letting one know when the car is low on gas and navigation to the nearest gas station.

As mentioned earlier the Navdy is available now.

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