Kingston Claims Largest USB Flash Drive

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Kingston Digital announces what it claims is the largest USB flash drive available-- the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT), a portable device offering up to 2TB of storage.

Kingston 2TB driveRevealed at CES 2017, the DataTraveler Ultimate GT uses USB 3.1 (as opposed to the latest USB-C standard) and comes inside zinc-alloy casing for extra protection. According to the company the 2TB option can store up to 70 hours of 4K video, not to mention any number of regular files, within a fairly small form factor.

“At Kingston, we push the limits of what’s possible,” the company says. “With the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, we empower users to increase their data storage mobility in a highly manageable form factor. This is a terrific follow up to our 1TB drive released in 2013 and by doubling the capacity, users can store and carry even larger amounts of data easily.”

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT hits the market in 1 or 2TB capacities on February 2017.

Go Kingston Digital Doubles Capacity for World’s Largest USB Flash Drive