Asus Rivals Raspberry With Tinker Board

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Asus is the next company to take on barebones micro-PCs as it reveals the Tinker Board-- a small machine similar to the popular Raspberry Pi, if with a more powerful processor capable of 4K video playback.

Asus TinkerboardOfficially dubbed the "Asus 90MB0QY1-M0EAY0," the Tinker Board measures 8.5 x 5.3cm and carries a quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex A17 CPU, ARM Mali-T764 GPU and 2GB DDR3 RAM. The combination, according to the company, allows 4K video and 24-bit audio support through H.265 4K decoding, and should also allow for better 3D graphics performance.

In addition the board includes gigabit ethernet, x4 USB 2.0 ports, x1 HDMI port, microSD slot, SDIO 3.0 support and an 802.11 b/g/n wifi module complete with swappable antennas. The built-in OS is an Asus variant of Debian Linux, and the company says it is working on support for Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Kodi.

The Tinker Board is available now, if on a backorder basis.

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