ZeroTech Adds Gimball in Rollcap 4K Camera

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Chinese drone maker ZeroTech announces the Rollcap-- a 4K action camera with a 3-axis stabilisation gimbal built right into the frame, eliminating the need for an external gimbal.

RollcapAccording to the camera the gimbal rolls by +/- 85 degrees, tilts by +/- 30 degrees and pans by +/- 40 degrees, making it suitable for super-stable handheld video recording. It shoots 4K video and 13MP photographs, and offers a variety of shooting modes including HDR footage, slow-motion recording, burst mode and time lapse.

A single button takes care of the starting and stopping of recording, while further control comes through companion smartphone app. A tripod thread allows mounting on a pole, helmet or grip, while the internal battery powers up to 110 minutes of 4K video recording.

The Rollcap should hit the market later on 2017.

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