Apple Preps Second Cologne Store?

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German website shares photos of what appears to be a second Apple Store in the city of Cologne, as tarpaulins fail to hide a clearly lit Apple logo.

Apple Store CologneThe Store is located on Schildergrasse, a busy shopping street in the city centre claiming foot traffic of around 13000 per hour. Dubbed "Apple Schildergrasse," it occupies a former retail outlet of the clothing brand Pohland, which vacated the building back in 2015.

According to Macerkopf, renovations have been going on in the building since April 2015. Close-up photos show Apple-style buildings and markings through the typically blacked out windows, and further confirming the existence of the store is the March 2016 posting of Cologne-based Apple retail job listings. adds the store will probably open on mid-February 2017, so we should expect an official announcement before then.

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