Raspberry Pi Celebrates Birthday With Pi Zero W

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The Raspberry Pi celebrates its 5th birthday with the launch of the Pi Zero W-- an update on the 2015 Pi Zero complete with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Raspberry Pi Zero WThe Pi Zero W carries the same specifications as its predecessor on a slim single-sided board, namely a 1GHz single-core Broadcom BCM2835 CPU, 512MB RAM, mini-HDMI port, micro-USB port and a HAT-compatible 40-pin header. Wireless connectivity comes through the addition of a Cypress CYW-43438 chip, the same found in the Raspberry Pi Model B.

The birthday celebrations also involve the launch of a case from Kinneir Dufort and T-Zero. Made from injection-moulded plastic, it features 3 interchangeable lids-- one blank, one with an aperture for GPIO access and one with an aperture and mounting port for a camera.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is available now.

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