Google Invests in LG Display?

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The Electronic Times reports Google has invested 1 trillion won (or $880.29 million) in LG Display-- an investiment said to ensure Google gets enough OLED displays for the next Pixel Phone.

Google Reportedly, display supply was the reason Google faced shipping difficulties with the current Pixel phone. However, the ET adds the investment is not a display purchase order but part of a "strategic relationship" ensuring LG Display has enough capital to produce "flexible OLED panels" at scale.

The mention of flexible OLED panels is interesting, since it might point out the design of the next Pixel phone. Samsung already uses such panels in phones with displays wrapping around the body, and the next iPhone is rumoured to feature such a design. Does Google also plan to hop on the bendy screen bandwagon?

The only comment from the Google on the story is one of the "we don't comment on rumour or speculation" variety.

Go Google Makes Investment in LG Display (Electronic Times)