Friday Labs Ships Friday Lock

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Following a 2015 crowdfunding campaign Friday Labs launches the Friday Lock-- a smart lock promising to be the "smallest and most stylish" retrofit option.

Friday labs lockThe Friday Lock features Bluetooth, wifi and HomeKit connectivity, and comes in a slender package in a range of finishes. The minimalist design lacks a display or any features making it look like a smart device, and interchangeable die cast metal shells fit with the rest of the house or room.

Installation involves a Friday Universal Baseplate the makers say requires no locksmith, while a Door Adapter Plate ensures a secure fit on doors needing longer tailpieces. The smart lock is powered with a battery able to run for up to 3 months between charges (via included USB charger).

HomeKit compatibility allows users to unlock the door in question through Siri voice commands, and a remote key system allows one-time entry to let guests in via text message. Family members can be given unlimited access, and a geofencing system can automatically unlock the door when the iPhone is near.

Preorders for the Friday Lock are open now. The lock comes in brass, bronze, copper, gun metal, nickel satin, porcelain and silver finishes.

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