The Garmin 360-Degree Camera

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Garmin takes on 360-degree cameras with the VIRB 360-- a spherical camera inside rugged action camera casing complete with companion app for video editing, sharing and streaming.

Garmin VIRB 360The camera captures 30fps video at up to 5.7K resolution, takes 15MP spherical photos and captures 360-degree audio through x4 built-in microphones. It also automatically stabilises and stitches footage in-camera (instead of offloading processing to smartphone), while a (currently iOS-only) live-streaming feature is compatible with YouTube and Facebook Live.

Recorded videos and photos created by the VIRB 360 are also compatible with most VR headsets, and an augmented reality feature adds a variety of data overlays, including barometer, elevation and GPS, over videos. Voice control is included, with the statement "OK Garmin" waking up the camera to start/stop recording, switch capture modes and even remember specific moments during recording.

Construction promises to be waterproof up to around 9m, and is compatible with mounts and accessories from both Garmin and 3rd parties. Battery life clocks at 1 hour on a single charge, and the display is designed to be readable in sunlight, allowing users to easily check battery level, storage, mode and connectivity.

The VIRB 360 ships from June 2017.

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