Logitech Presents Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Camera

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Logitech announces a flexible security camera option-- the Circle 2, a smart camera designed for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as both wired and wireless use.

Logitech Circle 2The Circle 2 is a small circular device with a 180-degree 1080p camera on one side and a smart connector on the other. The idea behind it is customers can set it up in different configurations according to the mount they use. Currently mounting options amount to four, with a  wall mount, battery mount, window mount or plug mount.

The camera is weatherproof, meaning it can be used anywhere once paired with a suitable mount (the mount is necessary, and the Circle 2 will not work without it). In addition, Logitech also offers accessories such as weatherproof extension cord and an extra rechargeable battery.

On the connectivity side the Circle 2 pairs with both Alexa and HomeKit, although due to a quirk of the Apple home automation system HomeKit support works only when the camera is plugged into a wired power source. It also supports the Logitech Pop smart button, and a companion app provides camera feeds and activity notifications. However, further app functionality (such as person detection and activity zone setup) requires a $100-per-year, per-camera subscription.

The Circle 2 hits the market from July 2017.

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