How to Turn the iPhone into an AR Headset

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Virtual reality-focused startup Mira emerges out of stealth with an interesting hardware proposition-- the Prism, an iPhone-powered augmented reality (AR) headset.

Mira PrismDescribed by the company as the the AR equivalent of the Gear VR or Google Daydream, the Prism is, more or less, an optical visor. The headset uses mirrors to reflect the iPhone display into the wearer's line of sight, while the phone's front-facing camera handles limited positional tracking.

The result is stereoscopic 3D objects "floating" in from the wearer's field of view, as rendered via Mira-enabled app. A companion remote accessory tracks acceleration and rotation, and provides means to interact with virtual objects through a touchpad, trigger and two buttons. Interestingly, iPhone and iPads users can share experiences with Mira wearers, or take pictures of shared objects.

The Prism is currently available on a preorder basis. Shipments to developers kick off from Q3 2017, before consumer shipments start in time for the holidays.

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