The First MFi Choclear Implant Sound Processor

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Implantable hearing solution Cochlear teams up with Apple to launch a first Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor-- the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor.

Cochlear implantThrough the Nucleus 7 users will be able to directly pair their hearing implant directly with an iPhone or iPod touch. They also can control, monitor and customise hearing via companion Nucleus Smart app. Further app features include a tracker (records coil-offs times, or each time the sound processor does not detect the implant coil), time in speech (measures time spent in speech environments, including FM and streaming) and Find My Processor (locates lost sound processor via location services).

In addition, Cochlear says the sound processor is smallest and lightest behind-the-ear option on the market. It carries SmartSound iQ with SCAN and dual microphone technology, enabling clear hearing in any environment. A new processing chip also promises more efficient processing with up to 50% longer battery life than the previous generation.

Through the commercial availability of the Nucleus 7 Cochlear can announce the first MFi Smart Bimodal solution (the combination of cochlear implant in one ear and hearing aid in the other), enabling both hearing solutions to provide synchronised streaming to both ears via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The solution comes through the Nucleus 7 processor, compatible ReSound hearing aid and paired iDevice.

The Nuceuls 7 Sound Processor will be available from September 2017 in N. America.

Go Cochlear Introduces the World's First Made for iPhone Cochlear Implant Sound Processor