Cellular Capability for Next Apple Watch?

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According to Bloomberg Apple is working to ensure the Watch is a device more independent of the iPhone-- and as such "at least some new Apple Watch models" will feature an LTE chip.

Apple watch openCellular connectivity means the Watch would not need to be connected wirelessly to an iPhone to stream music, download map directions, use a number of apps and send or receive messages. A "person familiar with the situation" adds the LTE chip comes from Intel, as opposed to regular iDevice modem supplier Qualcomm, with whom Apple is currently locked in bitter legal dispute.

In addition, Bloomberg says Apple is already in talks with carriers in both Europe and the US to support the LTE Watch-- but these may be a "limited subset" of carriers carrying the iPhone.

In other Watch-related tid-bits, Daring Fireball's John Gruber says an "unconfirmed little birdie" tells him the new Watch will feature an "all-new form factor." However this is strictly rumour-- so much so Gruber himself says he "wouldn't bet the house on it." Still, one never knows what the secretive Apple might have in store.

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