Razer Adds RGB Lighting to Anything

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Razer announces a means for customers to add synchronised RGB lighting to pretty much anything-- a modular lighting kit dubbed the Chroma Hardware Development Kit (HDK).

Razer lightingThe Chroma HDK features the same Synapse 3 controlled RGB LEDs found in the company's PC systems and peripherals. The actual kit consists of 2 LED strips (each with 16 RGB LEDs) together with a base module offering 4 lighting channels. Customers can also add more lighting through a Lightpack Extension Kit packing two RGB LED strips and extension cables.

The base module connects to PCs via USB for data and power, while an optional DC output allows for additional power and brightness. The strips can also be used for internal PC case lighting through an included Molex to DC power adapter. As for the synchronisation and control of lighting, one needs to use either the Synpase 3 or Chroma Studio software.

"Razer Chroma is the most advanced lighting configurator in the world, enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide," the company says. "The Chroma HDK allows us to take game immersion to the next level with PC cases, entertainment centers, appliances, and be used wherever else users desire."

The Chroma HDK should be shipping now.

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