DigiTimes: Apple Watch Shipments to Reach 15m in 2017

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According to upstream supply chain sources speaking to DigiTimes overall Apple Watch shipments are to reach 4.4 million in Q4 2017, before growing to 15m for the full year 2017 and 20m by 2018.

apple watch digitimesSuch results bode well for Apple and its plans for the 3rd generation Watch. Other vendors do not have such luck, though-- the anonymous sources say demand is weakening for wearables from the likes of Xiaomi and Fitbit. Also seeing weak demand are Samsung, LG, Huawei and Motorola, while Asus and Intel have essentially given up on the device category.

Why did smartwatches-- aside from the Watch-- fail to capture the imagination? DigiTimes points out "high prices, weak battery life, overlapping functionalities with smartphones, and not yet fully integrated ecosystem have prevented demand from reaching expected levels."

The first Watch did not launch to much of volume fanfare, with shipments of just 5m units in 2015. The 2nd generation however saw "strong" sales since its September 2016 launch, and the 3rd generation is expected to further boost Apple smartwatch volumes.

DigiTimes says Quanta is the 3rd generation Watch manufacturer, with Compal Electronics possibly joining the supply chain in 2018. Foxconn is not currently involved with the Watch, but subsidiary Shunsin Technology is providing Apple with system in packaging (SiP) services for the smartwatch.

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