The Baidu Translator/Wifi Hotspot Combo

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Chinese Google equivalent Baidu looks to make the adventures of Asian tourists visiting the West easier with a portable device able to listen and speak in "several languages," Nikkei reports.

Baidu translatorInitially aimed at Chinese tourists travelling overseas, the device accesses deep learning and other such technologies via the internet to translate Chinese, Japanese and English. It promises to be easy to use, with users simply talking to it while pressing a button before it "instantly" provides an appropriate translation.

In addition, the 140g device uses the built-in internet connection to act as a wifi hot spot.

The Baidu translator will first be available for sale and rental in China, before it reaches Japan sometime in Q2 2018. It might also be available in other countries with support for more languages, since it is compatible with cellular networks in 80 countries.

Go Baidu's Talking Translator Gives Tourists a Hand (Nikkei)