The Golf Ball-Size Sphero Mini

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Sphero announces the smallest version of its app-enabled robotic ball-- the Sphero Mini, a golf ball-sized device users can control using a companion iOS/Android app.

Sphero MiniThe Mini pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth, and carries a gyroscope, acclerometer and LED light. The app features 4 control options, namely Tilt, Slingshot, Joystick and Face Drive, which uses facial recognition to determine controls based on different expressions and head movements.

Included in the app is a set of games using the Mini as a controller mechanism, and an upcoming Sphero Edu app update allows users to program the robotic ball. The built-in LED glows in millions of colours, while the battery promises around 45 minutes of use on a single charge.

The Sphero Mini is available now with a pins and cones accessory pack.

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