Apple Stores Sell AR Bear

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Apple Stores get a curious exclusive from startup Seedling-- Parker the Bear, a plush teddy bear children bring to life through iDevice-powered augmented reality effects.

Parker bearThe capabilities of the ARKit API found in iOS 11 and the latest iPhones mean Parker does not require additional hardware to interact with digital devices. Instead, it simply uses a free companion Seedling app and a variety of included accessories, such as a doctor's kit, backpack and X-ray bibs, to trigger different AR effects.

For instance, the iDevice acts as an X-ray for more in-depth examination of Parker's bones and organs, while 3D Touch helps Parker take deep breaths for a lung capacity test. The app also includes games and puzzles, while the accessories are made from wood, not plastic or synthetic materials.

Parker is not the first iDevice-enabled toy sold through the Apple Store-- back in 2013 the iPhone maker teamed up with Anki to sell the company's iOS-connected remote control car. Selling Parker also makes sense, since the bear provides a tangible example of the capabilities offered by ARKit technology.

The bear is also available directly through Seedling.

Go Parker the Augmented Reality Bear