Triby IO Speaker Supports HomeKit, Alexa

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French company Invoxia announces a smart speaker-- the Triby IO, a device the company posits as a smart home controller able to handle both Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Trilby IOA sequel to last year's Triby speaker, the Triby IO features a similar design complete with a handle and small display on the front showing the time, weather doodles and messages. A magnet on the back allows customers to attach it to the fridge, while the 5 hardware buttons are customisable to control lights, thermostats or even HomeKit scenes combining multiple smart home products.

The speaker also supports home automation controls through Alex and IFTTT. What it does not support, however, is "Hey Siri" voice commands. Further features include access to Spotify and internet radio streams, AirPlay support, making phone calls to preset numbers and high quality acoustics.

The Triby IO is available now on a preorder basis.

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