Honeywell Lyric Compatible With HomeKit

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Honeywell announces the Lyric Controller home security system is certified for use with Apple HomeKit-- allowing customers to control the system via iDevice and either the Home app or Siri.

Honeywell Lyric"Smart home technology has made consumers more reliant on their mobile devices to manage their homes," the company says. "The addition of HomeKit support to the Lyric Controller improves the connected home experience for consumers, and provides new opportunities for dealers. Dealers can leverage the Apple ecosystem of HomeKit partners to expand their connected home offerings and deliver a robust interface to manage the home."

The app update is available for both current and future Lyric Controller consumers. Once the system is updated homeowners can control personalised presets and automated scenes for energy saving and security via Siri. Lyric sensors and motion detectors provide visual and audible alerts before pushing notifications to iPhone or iPad.

The use of iDevices does not interfere with other control systems, such as Lyric Controller touchscreen. In turn other local actions, such as lighting, locks and temperature controls, can be triggered via HomeKit.

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