Apple Sells Lifeprint AR Printer

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Apple Stores start selling the latest instant printer from Lifeprint-- a larger, wifi-connected version capable of printing photos users can augment through a companion iPhone app.

LifeprintThe selling point of Lifeprint devices the ability to print a still from a video or Live Photo, before bringing it to augmented reality life by scanning with the app. As a result, customers can easily print and share Live Photos. The update provides larger 3 x 4.5-inch prints, up from 2 x 3-inch of the previous version.

Printing comes through heat-activated ZINK paper, meaning ink cartridges are not required. Meanwhile the addition of wifi connectivity allows users to print from anywhere in the world, as well as send photos to printers owned by friends. Bluetooth connectivity is also an option for local printing.

The companion Lifeprint app provides tools for image editing and the addition of stickers, filters and captions. Instagram and Facebook integration allows direct printing from social networks.

The larger Lifeprint printer is available now from Apple Stores.

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