Atari Starts Selling Speakerhat

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Back in June 2017, venerable gaming brand Atari announced a first "Atari Connected Life" product, the Speakerhat. Now the self-descriptive hat with built-in speakers is real, with shipping to start soon.

SpeakerhatThe Speakerhat is essentially a baseball cap with a pair of speakers (not headphones) embedded in the bill. The speakers promise to be of high quality, and a microphone is included. Bluetooth handles connectivity with audio sources, and Atari says Speakerhat wearers can sync with each other to listen to the same audio stream.

A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the hat, while control comes from a single button.

Atari offers 3 variants of Speakerhat-- Fuji Blackout, black/white and blue/white-- together with Pong and Blade Runner 2049 limited editions.

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