Adidas Out of the Wearables?

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The Portland Business Journal reports Adidas is leaving the wearable fitness business, as it is shutting down its hardware division in favour of focusing on software.

Adidas smartwatchOn the software side the sportswear maker currently offers the Adidas App and Runtastic, the app developer it acquired back in 2015.

The story confirms a September 2016 Wareable report stating Adidas had "given up" on own branded running watches. Back then, an Adidas VP said the company would launch some "additional hardware," but it was also looking into porting its algorithms and coaching and training plans to other device platforms.

Taking such a direction is similar to what Nike did in 2014-- the company used to make the Fuelband fitness bands before a software-only pivot with partners such as Apple. As such, it should come to no surprise Adidas already has a partnership with a hardware maker, specifically Fitbit, with whom it will release an Adidas edition of the Ionic smartwatch in 2018.

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