Belkin iPhone Chargers at CES 2018

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Accessory maker Belkin offers a number of wireless charging products designed for use with the latest iPhones at CES 2018-- including the Boost Up Bold Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Stand.

Belkin chargersThe Boost Up Bold wireless charging pad is similar to the current Boost Up charging pad. It comes in a number of colour options, including black, white, pink and navy, and offers up to 10W output for fast charging on Qi-enabled devices.

The Boost Up wireless charging stand is also a similar device, but features a charging surface propped by a frame to allow charging in landscape or portrait mode (as opposed to flat on a surface).

Meanwhile users in need to charge multiple Qi-enabled devices have an option with the the Boost Up Dual wireless charging pad. As the name suggests, it features two Qi charging pads, each with 10W fast charging.

Customers looking for an in-car wireless charging solution get the Boost Up wireless car charging mount. Mountable on a dash or window, it is adjustable to fit different phone sizes and features an extra USB port for the charging of other devices. In addition, all Qi-enabled devices get 10W fast charging.

The final charging product seen at CES is the Boost Up wireless charging system-- a commercial product designed for installation in conference rooms, offices, desktops, restaurants, retail stores and hotels. It comes in a variety of mounting options, such as top-mount, flush-mount and sub-surface.

All the above mentioned wireless charging products should be available by Q3 2018.

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