Skin Analysis, Through iPhone Attachment

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Customers worried about the condition of their skin get a connected solution from Neutrogena-- the SkinScanner, an iPhone attachment and app combo able to take magnified skin images and measure moisture content.

SkinScannerThe SkinScanner uses a 30x magnification lens illuminated by 12 LED lights, as well as a moisture sensor. It is attaches to the iPhone camera, and is designed to be pressed directly up to the user's face. Pairing with the Skin360 companion app allows it to compare pore size, moisture, wrinkles and other such factors to other users on the system in the same age range, before giving the user a score out of 100.

Once the app analyses the user it recommends an appropriate skin care regime... using Neutrogena products, obviously. That said, one has to keep in mind the SkinScanner is strictly a beauty and skin care product, since the ability to diagnose and treat medical conditions (such as melanoma or acne) requires approval from authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration.

The Neutrogena SkinScanner should start shipping in the US on Summer 2018.

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