The Sgnl Wristband to Turn a Hand into a Handset

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S. Korean startup Innomdle Lab takes to CES 2018 to present the Sgnl-- a wristband allowing users to listen to phone calls by simply touching their ear.

Sgnl wristbandOriginally part of the Samsung C-Lab experimental product program before turning into a Kickstarter project in 2016, Sgnl looks like a regular fitness band. It even offers similar tracking functionality, while the strap can either be worn by itself or fitted with an analog or smart watches.

However the most interesting feature is body conduction technology-- the means allowing it to transmit sound through the hand. As a result, one can have a private phone conversation by touching their ear with a finger. One can even listen to music using the Sgnl, with a CES demo streaming a music playlist from a tablet via Bluetooth.

Innomdle Lab says the Sgnl should start shipping from March 2018.

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