The Siri-Enabled Digital Shower

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Not even the shower is a space where customers are free from virtual assistants-- the U by Moen smart shower features Siri and Alexa control to provide a desired water temperature or settings through voice control.

U by moenAs seen at CES 2018, the U by Moen system consists of a digital valve able to control water temperature by the digit. The valve can be applied to fixtures such as shower heads, hand showers and body sprays, and can is controllable via in-shower control pad as well as companion U by Moen app.

Voice control turns the water on to set it to the desired temperature, before switching it off before the user steps into the shower. To start, well, showering one can restart water flow by pressing the appropriate button on the digital controller. Other controls are also available, such as setting multiple temperatures for up to four separate water outlets.

The U by Moen voice control system is initially available as an Alexa skill, before the launch of the HomeKit-enabled version.

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