Not Biscuits, But TV Phone

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The word "Biscotti" does not simply refer to Italian biscuits any more-- it is also the name of a miniature VoIP TV phone that's only a bit bigger than the actual baked goods sharing the name.

BiscottiThe Biscotti consists of a small camera-carrying box designed to sit on top of TV sets, to which it plugs in using HDMI. Connecting to the internet via wifi, it allows users to make video-calls through either Biscotti service or Google Talk from their living rooms.

Control comes via included 6-button remote, while a HDMI-in port allows one to connect the Biscotti to both TV and cable/satellite STB and make calls while watching other TV channels.

Users can also set the Biscotti to automatically answer calls from select contacts and even turn the TV on when receiving calls through a simple menu system.

It works with wifi upload speeds starting from 256Kbps, and delivers HD video at speeds of 1Mbps and over. Now all we need is some coffee to go with such crunchy treats...

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