The Little Cloud-Powered Printer

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Printers are the least friendly and cute pieces of equipment, right? Not according to Berg-- the London-based design studio announces The Little Printer, a little device printing content from the web on receipt-style rolls of paper.

Little PrinterAnd it looks cute while doing the job, too.

The Little Printer picks up content from various online sources (launch partners include Arup, foursquare, Google, the Guardian and Nike) via in-built wifi, after users configure what the printer "collects" via iPhone app.

On top of the printer is a single button, which the user presses to print what the printer receives-- news, pictures, horoscopes, puzzles, and the like-- in the form of a mini newspaper. One can even send messages to friends' printers.

Handling all storage and processing is an other Berg announcement-- the Berg Cloud, a device plugging to wifi routers acting as a wireless "nervous system" for the Little Printer and other products Berg plans to launch in the future.

No PC is required to use the Little Printer, and it will be available sometime in 2012, with no mention of pricing as yet.

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Watch The Little Printer in Action