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CES 2009 Opens This Week in Vegas

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CEA says that about 130,000 attendees will show up, down 8% from last year…but more likely it will be even less. Nothing wrong with less if the quality of visitor is high. Count on around 2700 exhibitors, including at 300 first-time exhibitors, to be there (same total as last year) but the show is down 5% in size, (1.7 million square feet of exhibits). Some big companies like Sanyo, Cisco and Ph Continue reading...

Pack Your Bags for CES

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Pack Your Bags for CES
You may miss Bill Gates as the star of the CES but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will keynote address on Jan. 7th He's expected to show Microsoft's Windows 7 and maybe the future of Microsoft Office.

Attendance at CES 2009 may drop to 130,000 or lower and hotels (previously packed months before the show) now offer discounted rates. It’s a great year for European buyers to attend a CES: Continue reading...

Our Winners Get Orbitsound T12s

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Our Winners Get Orbitsound T12sThe Reseller Park of IFA, in cooperation with The Distribution Channel Ltd. who publish On CE, drew two random prize winners from industry visitors to the trade-only Reseller Park.

Each will receive an Orbitsound T12. A powered stereo sound bar and subwoofer with omnidrectional airSound technology, the T12 offers Continue reading...

CEA Names Top 15 i-Stage Finalists

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It could have been you…The CEA names the top finalists in its new i-Stage competition. The 15 finalists will unveil their products before a live audience on October 20th at CEA’s 2008 Industry Forum in Las Vegas.
         The winner of the i-stage competition will receive $50,000 to develop its product line, as well as free turnkey exhibit Continue reading...

W. Europe Breaks 100 Million Digital TV Homes Barrier

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Informa Telecoms & Media says digital TV penetration of W. European households broke the 50% barrier in 2007 and forecasts digital homes in the region will reach 104 million by the end of 2008. By 2013, they expect 90% penetration rate, 157 million homes.

























13 Continue reading...

Retail Vision Europe Spring 2008 - Who's a Winner?

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Awards, awards, awards…vendors love awards and clamor to get more and more of them to use in their promotion.  In order to value any industry award, you have to know 1)     Who decides who gets the award? i.e., who are the judges?2)     In what context is the award given? i.e., why this award? Retail Vision is a focused event, so the awards Continue reading...

Miss the CeBIT Gobal Conference? See the Video

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Once upon a time, CeBIT complained that conferences would “distract” from CeBIT. Now, in the last five years, CeBIT must be in its fourth reiteration of  a model for its “Global Conference.” Ah, still not right in our opinion.

It’s not very global and it’s oriented towards corporate users who get more at a Gartner conference.

We did find one that might be of Continue reading...

Patent Raid at CeBIT: 180 Officials to Fine 51 Companies

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Police filled 68 boxes with cell phones, navigation devices, electronic picture frames and flat-screen devices in a patent raid on CeBIT exhibitors. The patent violations included devices with MP3, MP4 or digital video broadcast functions, as well as DVD players and blank CDs and DVDs

It took 180 police and custom officers to confront 24 exhibitors from mainland China, three from Hong Kong, 12 from Continue reading...

CeBIT Closes with 495,000 Attendees

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CeBIT Closes with 495,000 Attendees

Despite the shorter show (6 vs. 7 days), attendance was up 3% from last year, totaling 495,000. One out of five attendees (100,000+ in total) was from outside Germany.

CeBIT’s new show format used a “Home & Mobility” category to reflect the consumer IT products that CeBIT once spurned but now covets.

Buzz in this category centered mainly on the emerging low-cost subnotebook category Continue reading...

I.T.’s Fifth Revolution, says Ballmer at CeBIT

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I.T.’s Fifth Revolution, says Ballmer at CeBIT

Each seven years, the I.T. industry gets a revolution, says Steve Ballmer, now CEO of Microsoft and stepping into Bill’s role as market forecaster.

Balmer told his CeBIT audience that the raw ingredients of the 5th Revolution: expanded processing power, huge amounts of storage, ubiquitous broadband, natural UI and screens everywhere.

 “Together, these five ingredients will change almost Continue reading...

CeBIT Opens with 5845 Exhibitors

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CeBIT Opens with 5845 Exhibitors

This year China (500 exhibitors) overtakes Taiwan (490) for the first time in CeBIT history as 3005 exhibitors come from outside Germany in 2008.

“Green IT” is this year’s theme and Hannover’s own green thumb (and late bookings) boosted the number of exhibitors at CeBIT to an impressive 5845 exhibitors. Everyone expected a larger drop from the 6153 exhibitors in 2007. “Since Continue reading...

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