An Apple Concept in Better Cameras

February 16, 2015 | Marco Attard | Digital Photo - Cameras - FramesPDF Print E-mail

A recently published Apple patent application reveals the company's latest means for improving the image stabilisation capabilities offered by devices such as the iPhone-- "Mirror Tilt Actuation."

iPhone camera First spotted by AppleInsider, the concept builds on the hardware optical image stabilisation (OIS) found inside the iPhone 6 Plus. OIS uses "lens barrel shift" and "camera tilt" to compensate for user motions, two methods Apple says are actually not ideal for cameras and small "multifunction devices."

Instead the Apple solution features an image sensor and zoom lens with a movable lens element arranged independently from each other. A "folded optics arrangement" uses mirrors to redirect light from the lens to the zoom lens (and eventually the sensor) at the right angle, while an actuator tilts the mirror according to the movement of the iPhone.

The actuator moving the mirror is magnet-controlled, and would be synchronised to compensate for user hand motion to stabilise images.

Go Mirror Tilt Actuation Patent

Go Apple Concept Would Improve iPhone Camera Quality With Mirrors (AppleInsider)

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