Intel Shrinks RealSense Camera

April 13, 2015 | Marco Attard | Digital Photo - Cameras - FramesPDF Print E-mail

Intel presents a smaller version of its RealSense 3D camera technology at Intel Developer Forum, Shenzhen-- one fitting a 6-inch prototype smartphone to provide such devices with gesture control akin to the Microsoft Kinect.

Intel RealSenseAs well as reduced dimensions, Intel says the latest version of RealSense offers longer detection range and lower thermal output. However the actual module was not shown in action at the event, suggesting Chipzilla is still not ready to go into manufacturing just yet.

Mind, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich still demoed the technology, if in its larger tablet form- specifically with a Windows 10 device (based on the Skylake development kit) one can unlock via face scan, and another designed to improve warehouse management, the result of a partnership with Chinese online retailer JD.

Intel does not provide dates when RealSense will hit consumer mobile devices, but we suppose it will do so soon enough.

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